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The Covid Lagggggg

Things have been slowing down for me a lot lately.  Or more like come to a screaming halt, with an emergency stop, complete with skid marks on the road!  I'm back in London full time, and my energy levels have just shrivelled up!  I've also been plagued by injury or reoccurrence of problems from my foot (I broke it in December), and things are just not happening. If I am not moving, I'm getting anxious, overthinking and overeating.  Exercise is more than just a weight management tool; it helps my brain in so many ways, including stopping me from overthinking and managing my potentially crippling anxiety.  It is crazy how something so small, as a foot and my feet are small (size 2.5), can cause so many problems. Getting a physio appointment is proving challenging because of Covid and lockdown.  It's all been super frustrating and depressing.  However, it shouldn't stop me from overeating, though this hasn't happened.  I tend to fall into this cycle of overeating

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